Your Exceptional Guide to Recreational Activities and Cannabis Culture in Roswell, NM

Embark on an adventurous journey in Roswell, NM, a city filled with rich history, exciting attractions, and a thriving cannabis culture, especially evident at Pecos Valley Production Roswell.

When planning your visit to our Recreational Cannabis Dispensary, why not make a day of it? There are quite a few notable destinations in the region that are worth a visit.

If you’re a fan of the extraterrestrial or unexplained mysteries, The International UFO Museum and Research Center is a must-visit, situated in the heart of downtown Roswell. Fans of art would surely enjoy the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art, hosting a collection of works from artists all over the world.

Outdoor enthusiasts would appreciate some time spent at the Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge. It has beautiful trails and provides an opportunity to observe the area’s diverse wildlife.

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Our Marijuana Dispensary aims to educate our customers not only about our products but also about the benefits and responsible use of cannabis. Our dedication to quality products and professional service makes us a must-visit location in Roswell, NM.

So gear up for an enlightening adventure in Roswell, NM, for a mix of historical, natural, artsy, and cannabis-inspired fun. Don’t forget to check out our Recreational Cannabis Dispensary at the end of your exciting day!