Exploring Recreational Cannabis & Marijuana Dispensary Near Lucky Lion- 148th & Powell

Lucky Lion- 148th & Powell is located in the heart of Gresham, Oregon, making it an ideal spot to explore recreational weed stores and dispensaries in the area. With the legalization of recreational cannabis in Oregon, Gresham, Portland, and Lake Oswego are full of recreational marijuana dispensaries offering a wide selection of strains, edibles, and other marijuana-infused products. From Gresham’s Buds ‘R Us to Portland’s High Society, there is something to please every smoker, from novice to expert.

Before heading out, make sure to research local laws to ensure you are following all Oregon regulations. Additionally, if you are a medical marijuana cardholder, you may qualify for tax exemptions and additional discounts at some dispensaries.

If you’re looking to take a break from the dispensaries, there are plenty of other recreational activities to enjoy in the area. Visit the charming Lake Oswego for a day of swimming and boating or take a stroll around the Portland Zoo. To learn more about recreational marijuana and dispensaries near Lucky Lion- 148th & Powell, check out this helpful guide on Weed Maps.